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BYU Football Preseason Rankings: Ranking the Top 5 Best Players

The preseason top five BYU Football players based off of what we already know about them and what they have done during the offseason.

Every week along with the previews, Top 25 analysis and game reviews we will also have the 'Top 5' best players on the team ranking with a moving up and moving down rating. This will not be a "top five players of the week" but rather the top five players on the roster. It will be similar to how ESPN does the NBA Power Rankings where a team can go 1-3 in a week but still be ranked in the same spot a week later.

Here is the first rankings based off of last season and what we know about their improvement in the offseason.

1. Zach Wilson - Quarterback

Wilson ended last season 18-18 and has gone 100-100 ever since with all that is coming out of Fall Camp and his shoulder rehab. His shoulder appears to be back to 100% and he is doing so well that any discussion of Jaren Hall taking his spot has been muted. Wilson needs to be the best player on the team and to this point he has been. He just needs to stay healthy and know when to throw the ball away.

2. Dayan Ghanwoloku - Safety/Cornerback

Dayan Ghanwoloku really needs to have a big season. He is the most experienced defender on the team and if he can just get a little bit quicker he could have a lot of interceptions and pass breakups this year. Last season he was key in getting three muffed punt fumble recoveries and the Cougars hope he can do the same this year.

3. Matt Bushman - Tight End

Bushman is the kind of player that can get the Cougars out of a jam. His ability to find the open spot on the field and make acrobatic catches has helped out the Cougars numerous times. While he was the leading receiver last season, fans hope that he is able to build on his numbers and be more of a threat. His biggest weakness is his speed and ability to stay of his feet. I can think of about a dozen times last season when Bushman caught the ball and just fell down, which is better than dropping the ball, but GO GET FIVE MORE YARDS!

4. Khyiris Tonga - Nose Tackle

Question of the year, can Tonga draw three blockers to try to slow him down. While Tonga doesn't get a whole lot of tackles, he does open up the middle of the field for other defenders while plugging up the middle for runners and quarterbacks. Tonga needs to be faster this season though as there doesn't appear to many guys on the field who will be able to get sacks or force QB hurries.

5. Ty'Son Williams - Running Back

Ever since Williams joined the team there has been nothing but praise from the graduate transfer. Williams brings speed to the running back position that hasn't been there since... I don't even know how long. Williams is also able to block and catch out of the backfield which can be a huge asset to the team.

Rising up: Lopini Katoa, Jake Oldroyd, Lisa Wilson's Twitter, Keanu Hill, Royal Blue, the entire Offensive Line and Zayne Anderson.

Trending down: Skyler Southam, Moroni Laulu-Pututau, Navy Blue, Baylor Romney, Kent on Twitter (where you at?), and Dax Milne.

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