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National Championships

NCAA Championships


BYU Sports have won ten NCAA National Championships, two National Invitational Tournaments and dozens of Collegiate Club National Titles, most of all of which came in the Olympic Sports. 

Men's Basketball 1951: BYU defeated Dayton 63-49 in the National Invitation Tournament. Mel Hutchins and Roland Minson were named All-Americans. Stan Watts was the Head Coach. 

Men's Basketball 1966: Stan Watts led another BYU team to a National Invitation Tournament who beat New York University 97-84. The Cougars were led All-American Dick Nemelka. 

Men's Track and Field 1970: The Cougars were led by All-Americans Altti Alarotu, David Hindley, Ken Landmark and national champion Ralph Mann who set a new world record of 48.8 seconds in the 440-yard hurdles at the NCAA Championships. The Cougars tied for first place with 35 points. The Head Coach was Clarence Robinson. 

Men's Golf 1981: All-Americans Dick Zokol, Barry Willardson and Keith Clearwater led BYU to their first outright NCAA Title after finishing in the top five for eight straight seasons. Karl Tucker was the Head Coach. 

Football 1984: Lavell Edwards and All-Americans, including Robbie Bosco, Marv Allen, Kyle Morrell and Leon White won the National Championship after defeated No. 3 Pittsburgh to open the season and then go undefeated the rest of the way including defeating Michigan in the Holiday Bowl to secure the Championship.  

Women's Cross Country 1997: Head Coach Patrick Shane led the 1997 Cross Country team to the first ever NCAA Championship on the women's side for BYU. It was one of the closest finishes ever for the Cross Country Championships as the Cougars outscored Stanford by only two points. Courtney Pugmire, Elizabeth Jackson and Maggie Chan were named All-Americans and Coach Shane was the Coach of the Year. 

Men's Volleyball 1999: BYU defeated Long Beach State, the only team they had lost to all season, 3-0 in the NCAA Championship game behind great efforts by All-Americans Ryan Millar and Ossie Antonetti. The Head Coach was Carl McGown. 

Women's Cross Country 1999: Patrick Shane coached another great team, but this time the Cougars didn't finish with as much drama and nail-biting as the Cougars won by 53 points. Elizabeth Jackson, Laura Heiner, Sharolyn Shields, Tara Rohatinksy Northcutt and Kara Ormond were All-Americans, three of whom finished in the Top 20 Nationally. 

Men's Volleyball 2001: Carl McGown led another strong team to a 25-4 regular season record and No. 1 ranking, including 15 3-0 sweeps. The Cougars were set to play UCLA in the Championship game while trying to avoid being avenged from an earlier win against the Bruins earlier in the season. Led by four All-Americans, the team stayed poised and swept the Bruins 3-0 for BYU's second MVB Championship. 

Women's Cross Country 2001: For the third time in five years, the BYU Women's Cross Country team won the National Championship with a dominant 87 point victory. In fact, the Cougars scored only 62 points (lowest score wins), an extremely low score. It is no surprise that six Cougars were named All-American, including Michaela Mannova, Tara Rohatinksy Northcutt, Jessie Kindschi, Lindsey Thomsen, Sarah Taylor and Nan Evans. Three runners finished in the top 10 and all five runners who scored points finished in the top 30.

Women's Cross Country 2002: Winners of four out or six and three out of four the Cougars won another dominant Championship defeating Stanford by 28 points. Michaela Mannova, Kassie Anderson, Katie Martin and Breanne Sandberg were named All-Americans in Patrick Shanes 4th NCAA Championship team. 

Men's Volleyball 2004: Now led by Head Coach Tom Peterson, the Cougars won their third NCAA Championship in six years. All- Americans Carlos Moreno, Fernando Pessoa, Joe Hillman and Victor Batista led a marathon game 15-30, 30-18, 20-30, 32-30, 19-17 to secure the Championship. 

Club Championships

Men's Soccer: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2017: Men's Soccer is in an odd spot of being too good to be in the collegiate club level but not quite good enough to compete well at the Premier Development League that the Cougars spent from 2002 to 2016. But with the Cougars losing in the Round of 16 in 2019, perhaps the competition is getting better. 

Racquetball 1995 (2), 1996(2), 1997(2), 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003(2), 2008

Perhaps the least known Club Team at BYU, the Racquetball team, particularly the women's team has won a combined 13 National Titles, second only to the dance teams. The team has been ranked in the Top Four virtually every year since starting the team. 

Dance Teams 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2005(2), 2006(2), 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 (2), 2015(2), 2016, 2019(2)

The Cougarettes are the most succesful and dominant team at BYU. The Cougarettes have won 19 national championships since 1997 in  National Dance Alliance (NDA) Open Division/Jazz IA championships, NDA Hip Hop Division IA championships, NDA Team Performance Division IA championships, Dance Team Union Hip Hop Division IA title and the United Spirit Association National Champions. 

Men's Lacrosse 1997, 2000, 2007, 2011: Men's Lacrosse started to compete at the Men's Lacrosse Collegiate League in 1995 and immediately began to make an impact winning their first National Championship two years after joining. Current Head Coach Matt Schneck who won the National Championship as a player also won as a Coach in 2011. 

Men's Ruby 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014: David Smyth played for BYU Rugby and in the 1980's leading the Cougars to multiple NCAA Tournaments. After a rule change in 1987 making the Championship on Sunday the Cougars team died down a bit. A change in 2004 back to a Saturday Championship game got the Cougars back into competing at a high level. David Smyth, now as a coach recruited and got BYU Rugby their first National Championship in 2009. 

Women's Rugby 2019: After becoming an official extramural club team in 2015, the Women's Rugby team has risen quickly to winning their first National Championship against Virginia Tech in 2019 under Head Coach Tom Waqa

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