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5 Things We've Already Learned from BYU Football Fall Camp and 3 Things we still don't know

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

As we approach the start of the BYU Football season we are slowly learning things about this year's team.

Every season there are a lot of questions going into Fall Camp and most of the time those questions don't get answered until right before the game begins. While that is still the case this year, we have been able to learn a few things to this point.

Things we do know

1. Zach Wilson Appears to be Fine

This was definitely the biggest question coming into the season and while we don't know everything, it does appear that Zach Wilson is okay and ready to go. He has been throwing at practice with the starters and from what we have seen, he is throwing as good as he was last season.

2. The Coaches are Protecting the Players

Since arriving to BYU, Kalani Sitake has not been afraid of contact with QB's being hit in live game scenarios. While it hasn't ever caused an injury to a QB, Kalani seems to be more conservative this season not allowing Wilson or Jaren Hall to take live hits. There also was not many live contact drills the first week and half of practice period.

3. Zach Wilson is a Football Wizard

One of the biggest issues that athletes seem to have is staying 100% focused all of the time. It isn't that they don't care, it's just that they are 18-22 years olds. Wilson doesn't have that issue. Whether it is describing a play/read that sounds like foreign language to me to saying that for fun he invites his married friends to bring their wives to watch film together, it is pretty obvious, he is focused.

4. The Cougars want to go Fast

Offensive Line Coach Eric Mateos said in an interview that the Cougars are wanting to run around 85 plays per game. If they are able to do that, it would match the NCAA leader Wake Forest from last season. It would also mean little to no huddles, something that doesn't seem common in the Jeff Grimes offense.

5. Kalani Sitake is REALLY Private

This is also a don't know theme. No coach wants to give away the game plan, but Kalani Sitake doesn't want to give away ANYTHING! Whether it is running the backups during the open sections of practice, to having a closed scrimmage to the players not disclosing much, not much is getting out.

3 Things we still don't know

1. How will Jaren Hall be Utilized?

I'm actually glad we don't have the answer to this one because it could give away some of the game plan. We know that he will be used, but how much and what capacity is still unknown. What we do know is that Hall was not allowed to be touched in the scrimmage, which suggests he is valuable enough to not risk any injury, something normally set aside for starters.

2. What Uniforms will BYU use?

The Royal Blue pants will be utilized at some point this season. We also know that black will not be used this season. But what we don't know is what combination will be used each game. The color calendar came out a few weeks ago and has a lot of Royal on it, including four road games. It is hard to imagine the Cougars wearing Royal tops during four road games, so could we see the white with royal jerseys?

3. Who is Making the Plays?

There have been bits and pieces coming out of practice about good plays happening with the team, but with almost no media open practice time there are a lot of questions. Again, this may be to keep things quiet given the first few games. But without knowing the stats of the scrimmage or the big plays of other plays, it is tough to know the depth chart or what to expect.

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