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The BYU Football Season Isn't Over so Stop Crying

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

BYU Football still has at least 11 more games this season and can still pull off a special season.

Yes, BYU lost to Utah and that stinks. Yes no matter what BYU does from now until the end of the season they will probably be playing in the Hawaii Bowl on Christmas Eve at 6:00PM MT. Yes, we have to listen to our Ute friends boast about how they are so much better for the next year.

But the season isn't over.

Honestly, think about the following: What if BYU had lost to Michigan 30-12 in a game that honestly was a lot closer than the scoreboard showed. Would fans be upset? Sure. Surprised? Not really.

I said this before the game and I will say it again; Utah was more than just a rival this year. Utah was the 14th ranked team in the nation and quite honestly looks better than some of the teams that are ranked in front of them.

BYU Football for the most part stayed competitive with one of the best teams in the country and that should be encouraging going forward. The season is not over and it can still be a special year.

Tennessee is appearing to be a tam that isn't as good as people were projecting them to be meaning that BYU may actually be favored to take down a historic SEC program. After that, the Cougars will get two more shots against other historic Pac 12 programs USC and Washington.

A few weeks later the Cougars will get to play two other rivalries against Boise State and Utah State who both appear to be once again very good. Although fans would probably prefer to go 1-2 in rivalries by beating Utah, going 2-1 overall is nothing to be ashamed of.

The team did alright against the Utes. Zach Wilson for the most part looked poised and confident. The offensive line kept the dominant Utah defensive line from being dominant which means they will probably be able to give Wilson plenty of time to throw all season. The defense didn't give up very many points and Ty'Son Williams showed a lot of promise. This isn't a bad team. This wasn't 2017 when BYU lost to LSU.

The Cougars can still win eight games or more this season and that would be another step in the right direction with quite a bit of youth on this team. So BYU fans stop crying about the Utah game and get ready for next week!

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