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Report: Zac Seljaas Out with Broken Foot

Reports say that the Senior guard broke his foot in an exhibition game while the BYU Basketball team was out in Italy playing exhibition games.

The depth at the four position possibly just got thinner as reports are coming out that Senior broke his foot in an exhibition game with the team in Italyand was sent home to get surgery earlier today. The Senior was expected to play the four position in the absence of Yoeli Childs for the first nine games of the season while Childs serves his suspension for violating NCAA/NBA draft rules.

Seljaas had shown flashes of his old self during the first few games of the trip in Italy shooting 4-7 from deep including a 3-4 performance in the first game. During his freshman season, Seljaas shot 50% from the three point line, but had since struggled shooting 29% and 37%. While his shot making ability will be missed, what will possibly be missed the most will be his height.

Seljaas plays best as a shooting guard, however with Yoeli Childs injured and quite a few other capable shooters like TJ Haws, Jake Toolson, and Jesse Wade it made more sense for him to play a four. Now assuming he is out for the first part of the season, it will likely force 6'6" Connor Harding to a permanent four position with Gavin Baxter, Dalton Nixon, Kolby Lee and Richard Harward (if eligible) as the other big men.

The injury has not to this point been confirmed by the university but has been reported by Vanquish the Foe and other sources as being true. The sources are saying the minimum time he will be out is 8-12 weeks, which could put him coming back, with some rust obviously, around the same time that Yoeli Childs comes back.

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