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Ranking the 2019 BYU Football Opponents: Part one

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

BYU Football plays some really good teams like Utah and Washington and some struggling teams such as Liberty and UMass.

Everyone that follows BYU Football knows that the first four games of the season are probably going to be the most difficult stretch perhaps in BYU history. But after those games there are some tough teams still on the schedule.

While injuries, slumps and new coaches definitely do affect the way that a team ends up being, here is the first part of the preseason rankings of BYU opponents.

12. Idaho State

FCS school that is coming off of a 6-5 2018 season losing both FBS games by a combined 29 points. Cougars should cruise at home.

11. Liberty

Liberty is still trying to find their footing at the FBS level as an Independent. Last season they went 3-6 against FBS opponents in their first season in D-1. The last time BYU played a team in their second season at the FBS level they lost to UMass at home.

10. UMass

Speaking of UMass, the Minutemen showed that the 2016 win over the Cougars may have been an anomaly as the Cougars cruised to a 35-16 victory. Also, both quarterbacks who played last year were seniors.

UMass will be trying to improve in their fourth year of Independence.

9. Toledo

While Toledo shouldn't be very good, they could be the Northern Illinois team that shocks the Cougars if they aren't careful. Last season they went 6-5 and scored 45 points or more five times, something that Cougars can not overlook.

8. South Florida

South Florida is kind of the mystery team here. They started off last season they started 8-0 and ranked and then finished 0-6. They beat two P5 teams, and then lost to Tulane and Marshall. This team could be as bad as Liberty or as good as a top five opponent depending on which team shows up. They do return senior quarterback Blake Barnett which may give the team some more stability.

7. San Diego State

The Aztecs like the USF Bulls are a mystery team. SDSU isn’t a bad team, but they aren’t very good on offense. Last year they averaged 20.8 points. They return essentially the same offense, so don’t expect them do be above 24 points. If the Cougars can find offense against SDSU, expect a win for the Cougars.

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