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College Football Top 25: Week One

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Week one of college football showed exactly why there SHOULDN'T be preseason rankings.

Preseason rankings are a way for the Power Five schools to put themselves in a position early in the season to get the teams they to make the Playoff or into BCS bowl games. Obviously teams have to still go on to win, but for teams that start outside of the Top 25 they have a MUCH harder path to the CFP than teams who start off ranked.

For example, over the weekend, Boise State had an excellent win over Florida State, but because they were unranked, they still have a huge uphill battle to try to pass UCF in the rankings if there were both to go undefeated.

Some may be asking, wait this is a BYU site? While that is true, the teams that BYU plays has a huge impact on their potential ranking and where they stand. If BYU were to beat Washington or Boise State, two teams I both have ranked, that would make their 2-1 record against Top 25 teams seem like a really good season.

Nobody really knows how good a team is going to be before the season and giving out a ranking to teams for not doing anything is ridiculous. Honestly, rankings shouldn't come out until after week three when there start to be tendencies and a big enough sample size to really see how good teams are.

But since they do exist, below are the Blue Brigham Top 25 teams. As you will see in my rankings, the first week of the season tells so much more than any projection can. But on the bright side, I was accurate in at least being able to keep 24 out of my 25 original still in the rankings.

Week One - Number in () is last weeks rank

1. Clemson (1)

2. Alabama (2)

3. Oklahoma (3)

4. Texas (5)

5. Texas A&M (4)

I switched Texas and Texas A&M because Texas took apart Louisiana Tech, a team that was actually pretty good from the CUSA last season while A&M took down Texas State a really bad Sun Belt team by about the same margin. This week will say a lot about both teams though as Texas A&M plays Clemson and Texas plays LSU.

6. LSU (6)

7. Ohio State (12)

I was so wrong about the Buckeyes. While I figured they would be good, they look a lot better than I was expecting. Yes, I know they didn't run away with the game in the second half, but who can blame them for not being as focused after going up 28-0 in the first quarter?

8. Georgia (8)

9. UCF (21)

I was also way off about UCF. I figured they would be going through a major drought this season after having a ton of success the last two seasons, but after their 62-0 beatdown of Florida A&M, they appear to be back where they left off last season, really explosive.

10. Michigan (7)

11. Auburn (16)

Imagine what it must feel like to be Bo Nix right now. The freshman just took down Oregon on primetime ABC in the game of the week in the most dramatic way possible. There are plenty of improvements that the Tigers have to make but their potential is unlimited.

12. Utah (19)

I didn't buy the hype in the preseason, but this team is sound. If they can get their special teams out, which they should, they could very well run the table in the Pac-12 and find themselves one game away from the College Football Playoff or at least the Rose Bowl. There one problem is they rely on Zack Moss too much. If he goes down so does Utah. Oregon did no favors to the conference by losing and Washington has to stay strong otherwise it may take an undefeated season for the Utes to make it.

13. Notre Dame (11)

14. Syracuse (13)

15. Boise State (18)

Boise State is going to be really good this season after showing they could come back from behind and take down Florida State. With Fresno State and Utah State not looking as good this year, this could be a special year for the Broncos.

16. Washington(17)

17. Nebraska (15)

18. Florida (14)

Maybe it was just the rivalry against Miami, but the Gators did not look like a very good team in the first game of the season, definitely not a team that could take down other SEC powerhouse teams.

19. Oregon (10)

20. Memphis (NR)

The Tigers lacked the offense to dominate against Ole Miss, but they had the defense to win in a low scoring game. This team should be scoring 30+ in every game so this could be a pretty good year for the Tigers especially if they can keep that defense going.

21. Penn State (23)

79 points? Oh wait, it was against Idaho, still pretty good!

22. TCU (20)

23. Virginia (24)

24. Army (9)

14-7 against Rice? Come on Army, you were my darkhorse team! Granted a win against Michigan would totally validate my preseason ranking of the Black Knights, but if they do what they did against Rice, forget it!

25. Stanford (24)

Dropped Out: Utah State (25)

Teams closing in: Washington State, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Iowa, Tulane and USC

Game of the week: Auburn vs Oregon

Play of the week: Nevada's 56 yard game winning field goal as time expired to take down Purdue.

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