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BYU Sports Power Rankings (Fall)

With five BYU sports completing their seasons during the 2019 Fall season, which one is the best?

Last year was overall, a really good fall season for BYU Sports. Every single team saw time in the Top 25 and made it to the postseason. Three of the teams even finished in the Top Ten nationally. But what does 2019 bring?

The expectations should not be as high as last year, afterall it is tough to match Volleyball's Top 4 finish and Men's Cross Country's 2nd place finish from 2018, but it could still be a good year.

Here are the Preseason Power Rankings of each Fall Sport:

1. Women's Cross Country

This team finished seventh last year in the NCAA Championships and they bring back the entire team that scored points from last season. This team probably won't win nationals, however if the team continues going in the right direction, this could be a top three finish if they can stay healthy.

2. Women's Volleyball

The Cougars have a really good starting core with Mary Lake, Kennedy Eschenburg, Heather Gneiting, McKenna Miller and Madelyn Robinson but after that there isn't much experience. It could take a little while to get the rotation down, and any injuries to those core players could all but derail the season, but if they stay healthy, don't be surprised if the Cougars make another deep run in the NCAA Tournament.

3. Women's Soccer

Last season it appeared that the team was in total rebuilding mode with only one senior and a lot of freshmen being asked to play. Well, that team finished ranked and in the NCAA Tournament. Now, having only one senior gone the team returns essentially everyone and could find themselves ranked in the Top 10 if they continue to progress as quickly as they did last season.

4. Men's Cross Country

Could this be the Women's Soccer of 2019? This team is looking like it is going into total rebuild mode only returning Conner Mantz and Clayson Shumway from last season's Top 5. The team will have to rely on new talent this season and time will tell if they are up for the challenge.

5. Football

The fact that the Football team is last is not a knock against the team, rather it is compliment to the other teams. All four teams above could find themselves finishing in the Top 15 nationally and I just don't see football doing that. The team is coming off of a 7-6 season and trending in the right direction. If the Cougars can start off by beating Utah, watch out for a 10 win season as teams like Boise State, USC and Washington don't appear to be a loaded as they normally are.

Do you agree with the rankings? What would you change? Let us know in the comments! Remember a random commenter will receive BYU swag every week!

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