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BYU Football: Wilson and Hall duo?

Could it be possible that using Zach Wilson and Jaren Hall is the best option for BYU Football?

Quarterbacks Coach Aaron Roderick recently announced in a press conference that BYU Football will be using multiple quarterbacks this upcoming season. While that could mean just about anything from Wilson and Hall splitting snaps to Hall being a wildcat quarterback it has raised a lot of questions and concerns.

Many fans are complaining pointing back to the Mendenhall experiment that used Riley Nelson and Jake Heaps in 2011. That ended up being bad for just about everyone. But this would be different, much different.

While Riley Nelson was a good quarterback, he wasn't great. He was a solid player who could pick up some tough yards but he wasn't exactly Ty Detmer. Jake Heaps had a lot of potential, but even he hadn't shown much promise with losses to Texas and the awful 54-10 loss to Utah.

That season Mendenhall wasn't running a two system quarterback because he wanted to, he ran it because he had to. There wasn't a quarterback that was good enough to really lead the Cougars to victory which led to both quarterbacks playing.

Why This is Different

Zach Wilson has already shown that he can win. Jaren Hall showed in Spring Football that he has the potential to be a big difference maker as well. Using both quarterbacks wouldn't be because they have to use them, it would be because they CAN use both of them.

While nothing is set in stone until the season starts and we can see the progress of both players, Wilson appears to have the better arm and Hall has better legs. Why then put Wilson in for a QB draw or use Hall on a crucial 4th and 7 pass play? The nice thing about both players is, despite their strengths, defenses would still have to stay honest. Defenses would not be wise to give Wilson running room and same goes for putting extra guys in the box against Hall.

Again, we don't know the capacity that Roderick was referring to when saying that multiple quarterbacks will be used, but fans, please stop freaking out about it so early. This situation has no resemblance to Nelson and Heaps.

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