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BYU Football: Week One Player Rankings

Now that the first game of the season is over, we have learned quite a bit about this year's BYU Football team already.

Wow... Just wow. While I didn't expect BYU to beat the Utes, I expected the game to be closer than it was and I was hoping that it wouldn't be mental mistakes and discipline that would be the difference between a close game and the game we got.

Last week, I released the Preseason rankings of the Top 5 BYU Football players on the team. I knew that there was going to be some movement after the Utah game, but I didn't expect the entire team rankings to be switched around like they were.

As a reminder, these rankings are NOT the top five players of the game, these are the top five players on the team based off of everything they have done since the 2019 season started (this week it will still be including Fall Camp).

#1. Matt Bushman (Last week 3)

Bushman had himself a nice first half against the Utes and even showed that he is a better blocker than he was last year. He had six catches and the only explosive pass play of the game. While he does need to learn when to fall forward instead of going sideways, he showed that at least for right now, he is the best player on the team and a reliable option to pick up some chunk yards.

#2. Zach Wilson (Last week 2)

Wilson actually didn't have an awful game and he is still a great player. The first interception was not his fault as he didn't know the defender was about to get him from behind. The second interception was his fault and a forced throw. He had another two passes that should have been interceptions and the fumble, that after looking at it a few times does appear to his fault more than Ty'Son Williams. His accuracy was pretty good overall and he still has a lot of zip on the ball. Overall his stat line of 21/33 for 208 yards and 43 yards on the ground were decent but not where fans were hoping to see.

#3. Isaiah Kaufusi (Last week NR)

There was only one player who was able to repeatedly get in the backfield and cause some pressure and that was Isaiah Kaufusi. The problem was he was so far from the play so often that his impact was limited and he didn't have the same kind of game he had last year. Still, he showed he is probably the best player on the defense alongside Dayan Ghanwoloku and if the other side of the line can keep teams offense he will have a huge impact.

#4. Ty'Son Williams (Last week 5)

Give Williams the ball! I'm not sure why Ty'Son Williams was not handed the ball more often because he played pretty well and got to the Ute secondary three times (on his seven carries). Williams throughout camp and during his first game showed a second gear of speed that has been non existent for the Cougars since... ever?

#5. Jake Oldroyd (Last week NR)

Wow I really hate having to put a special teams player as a top five player on the team, but Oldroyd showed it, and has shown it so far in his early career. His punts were long and high, his field goals were accurate and he seems to have the kind of confidence that has been lacking since Mitch Payne was on the team.

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