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BYU Football Top 100: No. 8 Shad Hansen, All Time Leading Tackler

The start of the BYU Football season is just over one week away from kicking off!

Think of a time when you dominated during a sporting event. Maybe it was the 30 point game you went off on in church ball or the five touchdown catches you had during the Turkey Bowl. Maybe you rolled four strikes in a row on Youth Night. Whatever it was, think of that when you read about today's player, Shad Hansen.

No. 8 Shad Hansen, Linebacker - 1989-1992

We are going to go away from the typical format today because of how unique of a player Shad Hansen was for the Cougars.

A good benchmark to separate the really good to really great defenders is to look at their tackles per game. A good defender is able to average anywhere from 6-7 tackles per game over their best three seasons. A great defender is able to be in the 7-8 tackles per game. An elite defender is 8-9 tackles per game.

And then there is Shad Hansen.

During the best three year stretch of his career, from his sophomore to senior season, Hansen averaged 9.68 tackles per game. Last season NCAA leader Ben Burr-Kirven avenged 8.44 tackles over his best three season. Once a player hits the 8.0 mark, each addition tenth of a percentage is really tough to get, making Shad Hansen's 9.68 average above elite.

The other crazy thing is, he didn't' have a lot of outlier games, or games above 16 tackles. He was just consistent at getting 9-11 tackles every game. He made a huge difference for his team and helped them go 36-14-2 overall.

Some of his best games came in the biggest games. Against Kansas in a bowl game he recorded 15 tackles, against Penn State he had 14 and in a tight game against UTEP he had a career high 19 tackles.

For his entire career, Shad Hansen recorded 407 tackles, 9 sacks, 6 forced fumbles, 6 PBU, and 16 QBH. That alone earns him the No. 8 ranking of all time.

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