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BYU Football Top 100: No. 16 Rod Wood, the Tackle Machine

BYU Football is now only 16 days away from kicking off their season against Utah.

Statistics today are so advanced that they almost take out the fun of the game. There are actually ways to track how efficient a quarterback is on throwing to a checkdown receiver on a third down and six or longer while rolling to his right. Or how effective a running back is when the right tackle pulls to the far side of the line to stop the incoming linebacker as opposed to when he stays on a front block.

The point is, there is very little not seen in today's game. That wasn't always the case. In fact, just 40 years ago, many stats weren't taken down at all. There was no analytics or probability breakdowns, it was just the game of football. Because of that, it can be tough to rank a player like Rod Wood, today's player in the Top 100.

Rod Wood - Linebacker - 1974, 1976-1978

Rod Wood is BYU Football's 2nd all time tackler with 394 tackles. The problem is, no matter where I search for his statistics, there is no consensus on what his tackles were for his career game to game. We have to trust that the BYU record books are correct with him having that many career tackles because everywhere else I look it shows him having anywhere from only 109 tackles to 318 tackles. But given the significance of being in the record book, I will trust he did in fact have 394 career tackles.

This inconsistency with the statistics however makes it tough to give him a normal ranking. We don't know exactly what he did as a freshmen or a junior. Some sites show him with quite a few sacks, others not as many. What we do have though is the fact that he is BYU's second all time leader in tackles. We also know that he had four games of at least 16 tackles, which each one would be a Top 20 performance of all time. His 21 tackle game against Utah places him second all time.

Given how dominant he was, even though we don't know all of the information, it is safe to say that he deserves to be ranked No. 16 all time for the Cougars.

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