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BYU Football Top 100: No. 13 Rob Morris, Crazy Man

The start of the BYU Football season is less than two weeks away from kicking off!

As we get into the final few players in the Top 100 Countdown you will notice that there are very few defensive players left. That isn't because BYU Football hasn't had great defenses, it is just because the offense has had SO many great players.

Today is one of two remaining defensive players in the list. If you have been paying attention, you will probably be able to guess who else is in the Top 12.

No. 13 Rob Morris - Linebacker, 1993, 1996-1999

Rob Morris was a hard hitting 200 mph kind of linebacker that didn't let anything slow him down. He helped the team to an overall 28-20 overall record and was a huge motivator for the team on the field.

He was the kind of leader that was crazy. There are reports of him hitting alligators in the head in Florida, jumping off a three story building into a pool and screaming random things on defense that had nothing to do with the actual play. He also played crazy. There are highlights of him charging at the line before the play even began and not letting up to three blockers preventing him from getting to the quarterback.


Impact A-

Morris didn't play at the greatest time for the Cougars. The team was 28-20 when he played which doesn't help out his impact grade. But that record was not his fault. In fact, without his impact, maybe that record is 20-28 overall. Morris was the kind of player that you knew when the game was over, he had given it 100%, sort of like Corbin Kaufusi or Taysom Hill. Every down, snap and situation Morris was out trying to make a difference.

Statistics A

Rob Morris was a four year player for the Cougars and despite having injuries throughout out his career, he was able to make a constant contribution. For his career, he had 316 tackles, ten sacks, 32 tackles for loss, one interception, three forced fumbles, five fumble recoveries, one touchdown and 21 quarterback hurries. The guy was all over the field and making a difference. He also had 18 games with 11 or more tackles another impressive stats.

Memorable Moments A+

Everything about Rob Morris was memorable on and off the field. He sort of reminds me of the El-Bakri brothers that are just pure entertainment all the time, but also great players and team captains. On the field, the most memorable game came against the San Diego State Aztecs when he recorded 3 sacks and 14 tackles overall. Morris was in the backfield all game and kept SDSU from being able to do much of anything. Another moment was a four game stretch his junior season that saw him total 52 tackles, five tackles for loss and a pick six. Overall, his memorable moments are just the energy and drive that he brought to the team. He will always be remembered for his hard hits and inability to give up the play, and that is what earns him the No. 13 spot all time.

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