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BYU Football Top 100: No. 12 Glen Kozlowski - Championship TD Catch

Glen Kozlowski's catch in the 1984 Holiday Bowl completely changed the momentum for BYU Football on their way to winning the National Championship.

BYU Football is now only 12 days from kicking off against Utah.

Most days I like to do an introduction to the player by doing some kind of mini story leading into the player, but today's player has so much to write about I will get straight into it.

No. 12 Glen Kozlowski - Wide Receiver, 1981, 1983-1985

Many players on this list have made the Top 100 just because of a single memorable moment. A game winning catch, or an MVP performance in a big bowl game or rivalry game have earned quite a few players a spot in the Top 100. Very few players however have the memorable moment and a great resume. Glen Kozlowski is one of the exceptions.

Kozlowski was a star the second he arrived on campus becoming one of only two freshmen starters on the team. He was also very fortunate because he played with three of BYU's all time great quarterbacks, Jim McMahon, Steve Young and Robbie Bosco. When you've got those three players throwing at you and you're a great receiver, good things are going to happen.


Impact A+

Kozlowski played on some really good teams with a whole lot of talent. With as much talent as there was, it made it tough to be the biggest impact maker. Kozlowski still did a pretty good job though. Think of him as Jackson Emery on Jimmer Fredette's team. Obviously the show and tickets were sold to watch Young, McMahon and Bosco, but Kozlowski was very well recognized as well. He also was a four year year starter which shows he made an impact for four seasons. Finally, after being injured in 1985, QB Robbie Bosco wore his number for a game to show the respect and impact he had left for the team.

Statistics B

This is the only area where the receiver is not elite. For his career, he totalled 2,223 receiving yards, 23 touchdowns and 53 rushing yards. While those numbers look good, it was over a four year span. His 16.3 receiving yards per catch was elite but again for a team that passed the ball as often as they did, having more receiving yards would have been helpful to him.

Memorable Moments A+

It wasn't the most memorable catch in the history of BYU Football, however it may have been the most significant. In 1984, the Cougars were trying to finish with a perfect 13-0 record and a National Championship in the Holiday Bowl against Michigan. Early in the fourth quarter Michigan had all the momentum and a 17-10 lead. In a play that looked almost like a throwaway out of the back of the endzone by Boscoe, Kozlowski went up acrobatically and came down somehow in bounds to help tie the game at 17-17. That play changed everything as the Cougars regained all the momentum and the defense kept the Wolverines from doing anything the rest of the game. While Kelley Smith made the final TD catch, it was less significant because honestly the Cougars could have ran out the clock and probably won on a field goal.

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