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BYU Football: Be Careful of Tennessee, They Won't Just Roll Over

The Volunteers may have lost their first game of the season to Georgia State, but this is no team to overlook.

The Southeastern Conference is the greatest football conference in the nation. While many like to debate this, the fact is, the SEC has the most 5 star recruits, National Championships, teams in the Top 25, and players in the NFL. They regularly feature at least one of the two teams in the game of the week and the fanbases are the most vocal in college football.

College Football in the South is as important and sacred as going to church on Sunday and saying the Pledge of Allegiance every morning at school. Going to the game doesn't mean showing up right before (or after) kickoff, it means showing up the stadium seven hours before the game to tailgate with friends, watching other games on the flatscreen that is on the pickup truck and getting to their seat AT LEAST one hour before game time so they can scout out the other team.

If you think I'm kidding, below is a picture of me during my freshman year at BYU when I arrived to the game 90 minutes before kickoff and was shocked that nobody was at the stadium.

Growing up I knew College Football to be showing up hours before the game, and was shocked when I arrived 90 minutes early and was by myself.

They were still putting out pompoms and that was against Washington State! But that is how I grew up going to Razorback games, and that was Arkansas, let alone a more historic program like Tennessee.

So whenever BYU goes to play a team from the SEC on their homefield it is going to be tougher than it sounds. Always.

If BYU fans think that Tennessee is going to roll over and go 2-10 this season, they are wrong. While they may go 2-10 they aren't going to roll over and let the season pass them by. Their community won't let them. They are being called to repentance right now and if they don't come through it will be a lot worse than fans not just going to games. They will go to games and then leave early, even if their team is winning, just to prove a point that they are still upset, and I'm not kidding even a little bit because I've seen it happen.

I do think that BYU is the better team between the two. After watching both games, the talent gap is noticeable. BYU was a few mental mistakes away from being competitive with the #14 team in the country whereas Tennessee was a few plays away from beating #114 Georgia State. But don't be surprised if the score at halftime is 21- 10 Tennessee before the more talented Cougars have a second half comeback and make it a great game.

I do have the Cougars winning, but it won't be without a fight, not in Neyland. Not in the SEC.

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