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2019 is Promising to be a Special Year for BYU Sports

Whether it is the Women's Soccer team or the Men's Cross Country team, BYU Sports are winning just about everything and they are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

BYU Sports have a real shot of making 2019 the greatest semester of BYU Sports ever. Looking across the board, at least for the fall sports, the weakest sport is looking like Football which is now projected to finish the season 8-4 with a likely easy opponent in the Hawaii Bowl.

Everywhere fans look BYU is winning or is projected to be winning. Normally, there have always been a few weak teams but 2019 is not appearing to be that way. In fact, it wouldn't be too crazy of a thought if every team saw time in the Top 25 this season.

Below are my projections of how each team will do. I am not including postseasons because they are unpredictable.

Fall Sport Dominance

As of right now, the Cougars are 10-2 overall in their sports and every team other than Football is ranked in the Top 15 Nationally. Here is a look at what can be expected from all the Fall Sports.

Women's Volleyball

The Women's Volleyball team likely will not make another run to Final Four because they lost too much talent last season. But they are still a very good team with two players who played for Team USA over the summer. They still have tough games against Texas, Wichita State and Stanford before playing in the WCC. I expect the Cougars to go 1-2 in those games and drop a match in WCC play. That would give the BYU a 25-4 record going into the NCAA Tournament and picking up a few wins.

Record: 25-4 (.862)

Women's Soccer

Is there a limit to this team's potential? They are 5-0 for the first time in forever and are showing that they are defensively elite giving up only one goal this entire season while scoring 16. The offense could use a little bit more scoring because at some point two goals won't be enough, especially in the NCAA Tournament. In their final 15 games they still face No. 13 Texas A&M and a very good Santa Clara team which I will predict they go 1-1 in as well as drop a random game somewhere in WCC play. That would give the Cougars a 18-2 regular season.

Record 18-2 (.900)

Men's Cross Country

This team appeared to be losing a lot of depth, but in the preseason they are ranked No. 2 in the nation. This team will likely win, and perhaps even sweep every meet they run in this season until Nationals. Dominance in it's purest form.

Record 6-0 (.1000)

Women's Cross Country

The Women's Cross Country, like the men is expected to do extremely well. Currently they are ranked No. 6 in the nation and just swept their first meet going 1-5. This team isn't as strong in the front end as the men's team however their top eight runners are all capable of scoring points. This team will likely win all of their meets as well before the National Finals.

Record 7-0 (.1000)


We still aren't completely sure what to expect from the Cougars but we know they have determination and the skill to beat an SEC team. The Cougars are actually only favored to lose in two more games, USC and Washington, and then are slight favorites against both Boise State and Utah State. I'm going to call it now and say BYU pulls off one more upset against USC or Washington and then goes 1-1 against Boise State and Utah State. That would give the Cougars a 9-3 overall record going into the Hawaii Bowl.

Record 9-3 (.750)

Men's Basketball

This one is a bit tricky because we are not really sure about the status of Zac Seljaas and with a new team often times there are bumps in the road. In 2019, the Cougars will play probably 15 games (Maui Invitational could add more). Of those games, only seven of them appear to be automatic wins. However, another five appear to be games that BYU should win. I'm predicting that the Cougars will go 2-2 in Hawaii and 2-2 against San Diego State, Nevada, Houston and UNLV. There is no way the Cougars lose to Utah in Yoeli Child's first game back. That would give the Cougars an 11-4 start, nothing to be embarrassed about going into 2020 and the WCC slate.

Record 11-4 (.733)

Women's Basketball

The Cougars took a big hit losing star point guard Shaylee Gonzales but at least early in the season it shouldn't hurt them too much. Of the 14 games to start off the season, the Cougars should have no problem handling ten of those games. The other games I will predict that the Cougars go 2-2 giving them a 12-2 start to the season.

Record 12-2 (.857)

There are other sports such as Golf, Tennis and Swim and Dive, however with so much turnover and a lack of researchable content, I can not make a projection for these teams.

In total that would be an overall record of 98-15 (.867), or in other words, a really special semester for BYU sports.

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