Other BYU Sports

While Football and Basketball will always be king at BYU, the other sports are the ones that actually have the most success. In the 2018-19 year alone, 14 teams saw time ranked in the Top 25 nationally. Besides those  the non-NCAA sanctioned Women's Rugby and Dance teams that won National Championships.  

Every year BYU has one of the best overall sports programs in the nation, even among the top Power Five programs. The most dominant sports every year tends to be Men's Cross Country team, Men's and Women's Volleyball and Softball. More recently, Women's Basketball has become a regular invitee to the NCAA Tournament and both men's and women's track teams have found themselves consistently in the Top 25. 

Outside of NCAA sanctioned sports, BYU Dance teams hold 19 National Championships, BYU Men's Rugby has won five championships, the Men's Lacrosse team has four titles and the Women's Rugby team has a championship as well.  

So whether or not men's volleyball or women's soccer normally gets you excited, they should when it is BYU playing. 


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